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3 poems
« -: Януари 29, 2010, 14:48:54 pm »
Такааа... аз ще ви напиша 3 мои:
Съжалявам, че са на английски, но просто мога да опиша всичко това само на този език!

Inspired by the novel “New Moon” from Stephenie Meyer

When you left me,
I lost reason to live,
I fell deep in the pain,
and Emptiness took over me.

When you went away,
I didn't lose just you – my One and Only,
I lost my chosen family,
and my future life.

You were my meaning for being,
you made my heart beat,
you left me for good,
so I don`t blame you for it.

Now, that your back,
I just want you to know,
that if you leave me again,
I won`t be able
to return my life back.
I`ll just mourn alone in silence,
And die quietly, burning inside.
[happy heart]

2рото:When you have nothing

My heart is black,
like my soul and my mind.
My mind is dark,
like the twilight of the night.

The night outside
is eclipsing the pain,
which is telling me now,
that I`m without you again.

The new moon, again
is whispering to me,
and I`m knowing today,
that without you, I`ll be.

Without you, I`ll be,
but not for long,
the pain will envelop me,
cause you don`t want me anymore.

и 3тото:

I need

I see your hand for my hand searching;
I see your eyes for my eyes looking;
I need you here, I need you now,
to cheer me up, to calm me down

You’re the sun in my sky,
You’re the light in my night,
You’re the sparklet in my soul,
I will love you forevermore.

I can feel your pain when I’m not around, javascript:moreSmileys(); [heart4] [heart4] [heart4]
I can read your name when I close my eyes
I can hear your heart which is asking for me
I can be with you, and forever I’ll be

My hand is searching for yours,
my mind is losing control,
my body is feeling again
your love – I need it today!
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Re: 3 poems
« Отговор #1 -: Февруари 14, 2010, 01:21:13 am »
До този момент беше добре: Inspired by the novel “New Moon” from Stephenie Meyer. След това изгубих интерес:>
"Но аз, беднякът...
имам само своите мечти."
"Ще разстеля мечтите си пред твоите крака."
"Пристъпи нежно,...
защото стъпваш в моя блян."

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Re: 3 poems
« Отговор #2 -: Февруари 16, 2010, 00:09:53 am »
хубави са!
вдухновени от Здрач,въпреки,че аз не съм фенка ми харесват !!!