Автор Тема: A bed for one  (Прочетена 1776 пъти)

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A bed for one
« -: Март 13, 2009, 23:57:14 pm »
Your bed is not for two, my dear.
For me it’s never been.
I tried my best, I gave my all
but sadly, effords fail

Your bed is not for two, my love
It’s always been your own.
For only one can lay within
in comfort, touch withdrawn.

Your bed, my dear, for two is not
in it alone you lay.
A thousand pillows guarding round
to tell me “Go away!”

Your bed, my love, for one is made
and one it holds so dear.
But if approached by other one
it houls and twists and screams.

Your bed is not for two, my dear,
it’s jealosy so great.
It can not share you, oh my love,
and never ever will..

Your bed, my sweet, your lovely bed
has made it all so clear.
I know I have to go instead
I can not stay much near.

Don’t try to walk me home, my love.
Alone I’m on my way.
It also has for one been made
It’s noone’s place, but me.

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Re: A bed for one
« Отговор #1 -: Март 18, 2009, 19:26:01 pm »

Много хубав стих!  [cvetee]

И лошото държи да ни се случи, и хем е страшно, хем е много стилно.
Когато да пропадам ме научи, защо не каза как завършва филма?

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Re: A bed for one
« Отговор #2 -: Март 18, 2009, 19:49:05 pm »
Страхотна идея и невероятно изпълнение [heart__] [bravisimo] [bravisimo] [bravisimo]
Promises disguise as temporary truths which end up as the world’s greatest lies.

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Re: A bed for one
« Отговор #3 -: Март 30, 2009, 15:39:34 pm »
...просто е съвършено!
Искам още!!! :)